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Stripe & PayPal alternative for WordPress and WooCommerce

By BeycanPress / 10 months time ago / Cryptocurrency payments

Number one cryptocurrency payments Stripe & PayPal alternative for WordPress, The choice of payment gateway to use for your WordPress and WooCommerce sites is a significant success factor. The right payment gateway that supports various payment options and meets your users’ needs can contribute significantly to your business’ global expansion.

cryptocurrency payments Stripe PayPal alternative for WordPres
cryptocurrency payments Stripe PayPal alternative for WordPres

Stripe boasts a clean design, ease of use, and developer-friendly documentation and setup. Stripe serves some of the most popular clients, including Amazon and Shopify. However, StripeStripe supports limited regions, which makes it unavailable in some jurisdictions. StripeStripe does not support a wide range of cryptocurrencies, making it unsuitable for merchants who want to accept cryptocurrency payments on their sites.

Paypal is a widely used conventional payment gateway. The PayPal WooCommerce plugin makes connecting directly with the user’s WooCommerce store easy. It is available in over 200 countries globally. However, PayPal is less developer friendly and may be suitable for those comfortable with coding. PayPal also charges monthly fees that are high for some merchants. Additionally, as a bigger company, PayPal has less personal touch by users. Hence customer support may be an issue, especially when a merchant has a problem with the payment gateway and may require quick help.

CryptoPay – a Stripe & PayPal Alternative

CryptoPay is a relatively new payment gateway option for WordPress and WooCommerce. However, it quickly gains momentum by solving some of the most common challenges with Stripe and PayPal.

Benefits of CryptoPay over Stripe and PayPal

  • Present in all countries: CryptoPay is available across all jurisdictions. You can now receive payment from buyers from all countries worldwide.
  • Support Cryptocurrencies: CryptoPay allows you to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. This enables you to tap into the growing niche of cryptocurrency users.
  • Multiple Payout Options: You can cash out your funds in various payment options, including different fiat currencies.
  • Cheaper Transactions: cryptocurrency transactions enable the direct transfer of funds, making the transactions more affordable than fiat currency transactions.
  • Secure and Transparent Transactions: Cryptocurrency transactions are supported by the immutable and decentralized blockchain network. Therefore, these transactions cannot be hacked and are highly transparent.
  • Easy to install: CryptoPay is an out-of-the-box gateway that is easy to install and use. You do not need coding knowledge to install and manage the plugin.

Wrapping Up

While Stripe and Paypal remain two of the most popular payment gateways for WordPress and WooCommerce, their conventional approach and focus on fiat transactions challenge many e-commerce platforms today.

Conversely, the recently launched CryptoPay leverages the latest technology to offer merchants and their customers the best experience. The support for cryptocurrencies, global presence, cheaper transactions, and ease of use are key features that make CryptoPay a better option than Stripe and PayPal. Install the CryptoPay plugin on your WordPress and WooCommerce today and give your customers a better experience.


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