1- The products you have purchased on Beycanpress.com become available for download on the My Account / My Orders / My Products page in your Account immediately after your payment.

2- Unauthorized sharing/use of products on our website (predicted by warez status) is prohibited. We will apply to the lawsuit/court for the victimization that may occur in the relevant matter.

3- Changes due to special requests, which do not prevent the use after purchase, are made only within the scope of private work with a fee. Apart from this, general regulations are only made as a solution to the problems that prevent usage and are distributed to all users who have purchased them at the same time.

4- The product license you purchased is registered for the domain you first connected and you have to pay an extra fee to change it.

5- Since the buyer receives the products electronically and we do not use an encryption system to protect the license in many of our products, product returns are not accepted in any way, as the product can be used even if it is refunded.

6- Our company cannot refund fees for services delivered via our website/online.

7- Many products of Beycanpress.com are sold at Envato Market. Therefore, all the above items also apply to purchases made on the Envato Market (codecanyon.net, themeforest.net).