You are deemed to have accepted the following conditions for each product you will buy through The relevant conditions are the basic procedures adopted by our company, and you can also review the “Membership and Sales Agreement” and “Delivery and Refunds” specifications by clicking the buttons on the bottom menu.

1- Our support system runs through the “My account/My tickets” section on our website. Our technical support by Phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Live support or E-mail is not available except in exceptional circumstances.

2- Depending on the intensity, our support team will reach you from the support request you have opened between 2-5 working days and start your solution process.

3- The results of any action or arrangement other than the current features of the products belong to the people who bought the product, and if extra arrangement is requested, the fee can be specified by us.

4- If you have a valid license, it will be linked to first domain name when you activate your license, and you will need to pay the current domain name change fee of $25 to change it later. Since you are only using domain names in the following formats for testing purposes, the system will not save them and you can switch to your real domain name after you have done your testing.


5- Purchased products can be sold within the scope of monthly or annual subscriptions, depending on the license type or product.

6- If there is a problem with the products sold through our site and the problem is not solved by providing support, a refund can be made within 14 days. No refunds can be made for sales exceeding 14 days. Additionally, this rule only applies to products with a licensing system. Because even if you refund other products, refund are not accepted as you can always use them. Additionally, this only applies to licensed products. Since add-ons do not operate under license, they will be usable even when they are returned. Therefore, it is outside the scope of return.


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