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Triple-A Alternatives Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

By BeycanPress / 2 weeks time ago / Cryptocurrency payments

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about the Triple-A alternatives. Triple-A is a crypto payment gateway service provider. However, according to the reviews on, which you can access by clicking the link below, they don’t offer a very good service. Therefore, we thought you might be looking for alternatives to this plugin.


WooCommerce Crypto Payment Gateway
WooCommerce Crypto Payment Gateway

We want to talk about CryptoPay first, not because it is our own product, but because it is literally the best Triple-A alternative.

CryptoPay is the best cryptocurrency payment gateway plugin for WordPress that allows you to receive cryptocurrency payments fully peer-to-peer and commission-free.

Because in addition to supporting WooCommerce by default, it supports 16 different WordPress plugins with integration for cryptocurrency payments.

In addition, CryptoPay supports all EVM networks by default. In addition, there is support for Bitcoin, Solana, and Tron. Going forward, we will enter a period where we will focus on network support and we will introduce many new network supports.

Also, CryptoPay doesn’t have.

  • No 3rd party service
    • You can start getting paid as soon as you install the plugin without having any 3rd party services to start with.
  • No withdrawal limit, fee, date
    • As it is completely peer-to-peer, customers pay directly to your wallet
  • No 1-2 business days and weekend nonsense
    • There is no need to wait for weeks or wait to get paid as in the classic financing process
  • No touching your money to get a commission
    • Because we only charge per license

Review or buy the CryptoPay


Cryptomus is DePay Alternative
Triple-A Alternatives the Cryptomus

Cryptomus is also a company that, unlike Triple-A, is very innovative and offers a better service. It even supports more currencies than Triple-A. They both also have the option to use with white-label.

When we looked at the commission rates, I couldn’t find a value for Triple-A on their website, but Cryptomus has a fixed commission rate of 0.4. This means a lower price with more currencies.

If you want to see another Cryptomus Alternatives just click the link.


Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

DePay is again one of the best Triple-A alternatives on this list. This is because it works on a contract-based peer-to-peer basis and is technologically ahead of the next two alternatives.

It is also a tokenized payment gateway. Although they charge a 1.5% commission on pricing, they offer customized packages with the token. You can visit their website for more information.

Also, has crypto payment links like Cryptomus and can integrate with other software via API, in addition to having WordPress plugins.

If you want to see another DePay Alternatives just click the link.


now payments

NOWPayments is the oldest service on this list after CoinPayments. While being old is somehow reassuring and good, it is not. The last time I checked NOWPayments, they had to make 2 transfers in order to get a commission, which naturally cost you 0.5 of their own fee and the network fee paid during the transfer process. This means that for an average BTC or ETH transfer of $5, you end up with $2 in your pocket. Isn’t that pretty ridiculous?

It supports relatively many cryptocurrencies and also has extra features like billing etc.

If you want to see another NOWPayments Alternatives just click the link.


coin payments

CoinPayments, like NOWPayments, is old and has been around for a long time. The commission rate is the same as NOWPayments, i.e. 0.5. But the commission rate is not the only thing that is the same. The payment process behind it is also the same. Therefore, the transaction confirmation times and the commission you actually pay are considerably higher.

However, it is preferable as it is a well-established company that has been around since 2013 and supports relatively old blockchain networks.

If you want to see another CoinPayments Alternatives just click the link.

If you are looking for a solution just for WordPress and we had a recommendation for you from the Triple-A Alternatives list, it would be our own product CryptoPay. Because CryptoPay is a crypto payment gateway plugin developed entirely for WordPress. Therefore, it is possible to meet all your needs in WordPress with a single plugin.


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