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Get an offer Alternatives Bitcoin Payments for WooCommerce

By BeycanPress / 1 month time ago / Cryptocurrency payments

Hello everyone, in this article we will take a look at Alternatives, a very old crypto payment gateway. also offers integration for many WordPress plugins. This is why we believe that our plugin CryptoPay is the best Alternative. is an open-source crypto payments project launched in 2014. However, the techniques it uses are as old as it is, and it does not offer features that are in line with modern DApp and Web3 concepts. For this reason, we have listed below 5 WordPress crypto payment gateway plugins that can be Alternatives.


CryptoPay - All-in-one Cryptocurrency Payments for WordPress
CryptoPay – All-in-one Cryptocurrency Payments for WordPress

At the top of the list is CryptoPay, which supports WooCommerce internally developed for the WordPress ecosystem and has crypto payment integration with 16+ WordPress plugins.

CryptoPay internally supports all EVM (Ethereum-based) networks. You can think of them as BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, etc. It’s also not commission-based, so you can accept crypto payments from any token you want. This can be your project’s utility token or a shitcoin :D

Thanks to its modular structure, it supports not only EVM networks but also other blockchain networks such as Bitcoin, Solana and Tron. At the time of writing this article, we plan to focus on network support. So maybe by the time you read this article, Ripple, Monero, etc. network support has already come to CryptoPay.

Below are links where you can purchase CryptoPay and download and use the Lite version. You can also use the link below for a list of 16+ integrations.

Cryptocurrency Payment Integrations for WordPress


DePay Crypto Gateway
Crypto Gateway

DePay is a service launched together with our own product CryptoPay. Their approach and working principles are very similar to CryptoPay. However, it has definitely evolved from

For example, in DePay, you can connect directly to a wallet and pay with the tokens in that wallet. You can manage these tokens from your WP-Admin panel. If you only add the tokens you want to receive, users will see only those tokens.

DePay has the ability to receive payments by connecting to wallets with DApp logic. Unfortunately, address transfer payments are not available in DePay. This is because it is smart contract-based. In other words, they manage the payment through a smart contract in order to receive commission from the payments. This makes transfer payments to the address invalid.

Address transfer payments are important for trust because many users don’t want to connect their wallet to unfamiliar sites. Therefore, they only want to be able to pay by transferring the relevant cryptocurrency amount. already works this way, so this is the default.

In CryptoPay, you can realize crypto payment processes either by connecting to the wallet using DApp logic or by transferring to the address.

DePay Alternatives


Cryptomus Crypto Payment Gateway
Crypto Payment Gateway

Cryptomus is one of the innovative plugins on this list. Because the last two alternatives are not really innovative and are a bit old school, just like

We mentioned that DePay doesn’t have address transfer payments because it’s a smart contract based and they need to charge a commission. Although this plugin uses a commission-based system, it also supports address transfer payments. This means the payments are not completely peer-to-peer because the payment transfers first to their wallet and then to your wallet for commission deduction.

It also uses innovative technologies like WalletConnect, which allows you to receive crypto payments by connecting to wallets with DApp logic.

Cryptomus Alternatives


MyCryptoCheckout Gateway
MyCryptoCheckout Gateway

This plugin is developed exclusively for WordPress, similar to CryptoPay in this list. However, it only supports WooCommerce and I think a few plugins.

So it’s not modular even though it’s completely built for WordPress. But if you take and CryptoPay, they both have very broad plugin integration support.

Still, we thought we’d add it to a list of Alternatives due to its low commission rate, free-to-use option and slightly more old-school nature.

MyCryptoCheckout Alternatives


Triple-A Crypto Payments
Triple-A Crypto Payments

And here we come to the end of the list. Unlike all the services on this list, Triple-A offers not only “income” but also “outgo” support. In other words, it allows you not only to receive “crypto payments” but also to make “crypto payouts”. You can find detailed information about this on their website.

It also has a commission rate of 1% and unlike all the plugins on this list, it has a very low cryptocurrency support. They only allow you to get paid in cryptocurrencies of their choice.

With all the other plugins on this list, this is more dynamic.

Triple-A Alternatives

TokenICO – Cryptocurrency token ICO, Launchpad, Presale plugin


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