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DePay Alternatives Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

By BeycanPress / 3 weeks time ago / Blockchain

Greetings to everyone. In this article, we will tell you about a total of 4 DePay Alternatives cryptocurrency payment gateways.

DePay is a cryptocurrency payment gateway provider seeded in 2020. First, Shopify support was released, and then WooCommerce support was released. In addition, it can be integrated into any software with its open API.


DePay Alternatives – first is CryptoPay

CryptoPay is a crypto payment gateway plugin developed by our company BeycanPress LLC. It is a good DePay alternative. Because it offers many more features than DePay.

However, its shortcoming is that it is not an open service like DePay, but a plugin developed only for WordPress. So the focus is on the WordPress ecosystem.

However, while DePay only supports WooCommerce, CryptoPay currently supports 16 plugins in addition to WooCommerce support, and this number will increase.

So, if you are looking for a DePay alternative and your website has WordPress infrastructure, the most suitable product for you is CryptoPay. Because it was developed entirely for the WordPress ecosystem. Supports all EVM networks. In addition, there is support for Bitcoin, Solana, and Tron. This scope will increase steadily in the future.

Additionally, the other biggest advantage of DePay is that it is completely commission-free.

You can use the links below to test CryptoPay right now with the Lite version or purchase the Premium version.

Try the lite version

Buy premium now


Cryptomus is DePay Alternative
DePay Alternatives – Cryptomus

Cryptomus is another new and innovative cryptocurrency payment gateway provider that can be an alternative to DePay.

Like DePay, Cryptomus supports Shopify and other platforms. There is also a Payment Links feature.

Cryptomus also has a white-label crypto payment gateway service. So you can place your own logo and brand name instead of Cryptomus branding.

Another issue that we can show Cryptomus as an alternative to DePay is the issue of pricing. While DePay charges a 1.5 commission fee, Cryptomus only charges a 0.4 commission fee.

You can also see other Cryptomus Alternatives by clicking the link.


OpenNode Bitcoin Payments

I think we add OpenNode to almost all alternative lists. Our own product CryptoPay has Bitcoin support. However, when it comes to Bitcoin payments, OpenNode is always one step ahead with its Lightning Network support.

On the other hand, unfortunately, Bitcoin Payments support is not available in DePay and Cryptomus. So, if you want to accept Bitcoin Payments in your business, it is a good alternative for you.

Coinbase Commerce

DePay Alternatives this is Coinbase Commerce

Coinbase Commerce cryptocurrency payment gateway also finds its place in many lists. The biggest factor for this is undoubtedly that it is a sub-brand of Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Another thing that makes Coinbase Commerce stand out in the list of DePay alternatives is that DePay charges 1.5% commission, while Coinbase Commerce only charges 1% commission.

See other Coinbase Commerce Alternatives.


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