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WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway for WordPress

With CryptoPay, you can receive crypto payments from supported blockchain networks such as Bitcoin, Solana, Tron, especially EVM-based blockchain networks, and the currencies (tokens) under these networks. In addition to built-in WooCommerce support, it can be integrated with other plugins thanks to its API. Envato partner
Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Receive Cryptocurrency Payments In WordPress

cryptocurrency payments for woocommerce
Start receiving cryptocurrency payments for WooCommerce
  • woocommerce crypto payment gateway Instantly
    Prices are listed in currencies such as USD, EUR and converted to cryptocurrency amount due at checkout
  • best woocommerce bitcoin plugins Secure
    Very secure as all transactions are p2p and we don't store any data and just act as transaction validator.
  • cryptocurrency payments woocommerce No limits
    No commissions, no limits, buy the plugin and start receiving commission-free cryptocurrency payments

WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

CryptoPay is the fastest, cheapest and most versatile way to receive cryptocurrency payments for WooCommerce.
Multi-chain support
Multi-wallet support
Zero commission
Instant currency converter
Transaction records
Ability to collect donations
Getting paid with your own private tokens
Get paid with QR code for networks like Bitcoin
Fast confirmation times as transactions are p2p
Cryptocurrency payment gateway for WooCommerce
Automatic update system
Easy integration with other plugins via API
Dark and light theme option

WooCommerce Crypto Payment Gateway License Prices

Always Free
  • No commission
  • Unlimited payments
  • WooCommerce payment gateway
  • 16+ WordPress plugin integrations
  • Payment transaction record list
  • Limited EVM-based network support
  • Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom
  • Use blockchain testnet networks for testing
  • MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Bitget, Okx, and more
  • WalletConnect support for mobile devices
  • Dynamic block confirmation count setting
  • Fast confirmation times as transactions are p2p
  • Order is created first, then payment is can receive
Yearly Subscription
$89 Save $89
  • 1 Domain support
  • 1 Year of support
  • 1 Year of updates
  • Unlimited EVM-based network support
  • Pay by transfer to address support (QR Code)
  • Unlimited coin payments support for each network
  • Custom token & prices support (Your utility tokens)
  • Extra network support add-ons (Bitcoin, Solana, Tron)
  • Extra converter support add-ons (CoinGecko, Moralis)
  • Instant payment on the "Checkout" and "Product" page
  • Backend payment confirmation system (reminders)
  • Payment transaction details on the order page
  • Easy integration with other plugins via API
How it works?

Unique Crypto Payments Working Logic

Watch the ease of receiving cryptocurrency payments for WooCommerce with CryptoPay.

Select the network you want to pay

woocommerce bitcoin payment gateway

Select the currency you want to pay

woocommerce cryptocurrency payment gateway

Choose which wallet you have

cryptocurrency payment gateway for woocommerce

Confirm transaction in wallet

woocommerce cryptocurrency payment gateways

Wait for blockchain confirmation

cryptocurrency payment gateway woocommerce

Payment process has been completed

woocommerce cryptocurrency payment plugin

Easy integration crypto payments API

cryptocurrency payments for wordpress
As the BeycanPress team, we offer you ready-made cryptocurrency payments for WordPress and also provide crypto payments integration services for your other software.

WordPress crypto payments integration

Thanks to the CryptoPay API integration, it is a plugin that can be easily integrated with other plugins on WordPress. For this, it is sufficient to review the integration section we have prepared for developers in the documents. For your special integration requests, you can contact BeycanPress team by "click here".
Click to see the free integrations developed by our team.

Special crypto payments integration

If the site you are using is not WordPress, we regret to inform you that CryptoPay will not work directly on your website. We know this is very sad for you. However, as the BeycanPress team, we can integrate CryptoPay into your site. All you have to do is "click here" to contact the BeycanPress team and tell them that you need a special integration.
F.A.Q about

cryptocurrency payment solutions


Can I receive Bitcoin payments?

Yes, but to receive Bitcoin payments you must have the Bitcoin payments add-on. In this way, you can accept Bitcoin payments with Bitcoin wallets such as UniSat, Xverse or by transfer to the address (QR Code).

How to Accept Bitcoin Payments?

To accept Bitcoin payments, all you need to do is purchase the Bitcoin payment support plugin, install it on your site, and enter your Bitcoin address in the wallet address section.

Can I use cryptocurrency payments for WordPress?

Yes, our plugin is a cryptocurrency payment gateway for WordPress. In other words, you can accept cryptocurrency payments from all other integrated plugins with just one plugin.

Can I use cryptocurrency payment gateway for WooCommerce?

Yes, our plugin comes with WooCommerce crypto payment gateway support by default. In this way, you can easily accept crypto payments in WooCommerce.

How can I add crypto payments to WooCommerce?

After purchasing the plugin, all you have to do is complete the installation of the plugin and activate CryptoPay (WooCommerce crypto payment gateway for WordPress) from the WooCommerce/Settings/Payments area.

What cryptocurrencies does the plugin support?

Internally, it supports all EVM-based networks and all tokens under these networks. In addition, you can receive cryptocurrency payments from these networks and the tokens under them by purchasing extra network supports such as Bitcoin, Solana, Tron.

Can I receive crypto payments with my own token?

Yes, of course, one of the most prominent features of our plugin is its dynamic, multi chain, multi wallet and multi currency support. You can receive payments with your own custom token project. In fact, if a token you have just deployed is not yet listed in places such as Coin Market Cap, you can manually determine its price value yourself.

Which blockchain networks does the plugin support?

It internally supports all EVM-based networks, as well as additional blockchain cryptocurrency payment support such as Bitcoin, Solana, Tron. Click to see all network supports.

Does Solana & SPL support cryptocurrency payments?

Yes, we have an additional Solana payments support add-on for the Solana network that you can have. In addition to being able to receive payments with SOL, the native currency of the Solana network, you can also receive payments with all SPL tokens on the Solana network.

Can I accept payments with MetaMask crypto wallet?

Of course yes, because our plugin, unlike other cryptocurrency payment services, works with a DApp logic, so you can accept cryptocurrency payments with MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Phantom, Binance Wallet and of course WalletConnect.

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"I used CryptoPay for a previous project and it was an absolute game changer. The developer is incredibly helpful and was one of the first company to develop a product like this. All in all I highly recommend CryptoPay to anybody interested in utilizing WordPress crypto payments!"

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