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CryptoPay Lite Payment Process Visual Explanation

By BeycanPress / 4 weeks time ago / Cryptocurrency payments

Hello everyone, as the BeycanPress team, we are developing products that integrate Blockchains into WordPress. One of these products is CryptoPay, the best crypto payment plugin for WordPress.

CryptoPay allows you to receive completely commission-free and peer-to-peer cryptocurrency payments on your WordPress website with a total of 16 different plugin integrations, including WooCommerce (included core plugin), MemberPress, Easy Digital Downloads, WPForms, and so on.

We are constantly trying to expand plugin support and you can access all cryptocurrency payment integration plugins by clicking here.

In this article, we will explain how to install and use CryptoPay Lite, which is published for free on

CryptoPay Lite Installation

First, go to the add new plugin page and type in CryptoPay as in the image below. The first plugin that appears is CryptoPay Lite Core and the others are integrations for other plugins. So install and activate the 1st plugin.

Or download it manually from by clicking here.

Also, you can follow the documentation for CryptoPay Premium installation by clicking here.

CryptoPay Lite Installation 1
CryptoPay Lite Installation 1

Then go to CryptoPay Lite settings as you can see in the pictures below and click on the EVM Settings tab menu. Enter your EVM wallet address, either MetaMask or TrustWallet.

In the Lite version, only 5 EVM networks are supported and their main currencies (e.g. ETH, BNB) and certain stablecoins such as USDT, and USDC are supported.

CryptoPay Lite Installation 2
CryptoPay Lite Installation 2
CryptoPay Lite Installation 3
CryptoPay Lite Installation 3

Activate WooCommerce CryptoPay Gateway

Here we are giving you an example from WooCommerce, but it works the same for MemberPress, Easy Digital Downloads, and all other plugins. You need to activate CryptoPay in the relevant plugin settings.

As you can see in the picture below, we go to WooCommerce / Settings / Payments and activate CryptoPay Lite.

Activate WooCommerce Gateway
Activate WooCommerce Gateway

CryptoPay Payment Process Explanation

While designing CryptoPay, we tried to design it in the easiest way to be used by those who are just trying to adapt to this ecosystem. At the moment, the first screen shows the networks, but there is also a way to list the cryptocurrencies directly and which network they belong to. These are completely dynamic. We also plan to add an option to select the wallet first in the near future.

This will allow you to update CryptoPay to provide a better experience for your target audience and users.

Choose CryptoPay Lite in Checkout

When you get to the WooCommerce checkout page, select our plugin from the payment gateways section and then go to the checkout page by pressing the place order button. Premium has the ability to take payments directly on the checkout page.

1 - Choose CryptoPay Lite Payment Gateway
Choose CryptoPay Lite Payment Gateway

Choose Blockchain for Payment

Blockchain networks are then listed on the screen that opens. If you select Currency mode, currencies are listed directly. However, in this explanation, we will be proceeding through the network-based listing. Now let’s select the network we want to pay here, namely BNB Smart Chain Testnet.

2 - Choose Blockchain Network for Payment
Choose a Blockchain Network for Payment

Choose Cryptocurrency for Payment

Next, we see the cryptocurrencies that we can pay for under the BNB Smart Chain Testnet. In the lite version, they are predefined, while in the premium version, they are completely dynamic, so you can add any currency you want. Here we choose BNB and click on the pay now button.

3 - Choose Cryptocurrency for Payment
Choose Cryptocurrency for Payment

Choose Wallet Option for Payment

After pressing the Pay Now button, you will see the wallets supported under the selected network and available in your browser. The ones in your browser will appear as “detected”. The premium version includes support for crypto payments via WalletConnect and Web3Modal for mobile devices. We continue by selecting MetaMask.

4 - Choose Crypto Wallet Payment Option
Choose the Crypto Wallet Payment Option

Accept Payment Request in Wallet

After selecting MetaMask, you will first see a connection request. Since we have already connected and logged in to the wallet, we see the payment transaction request directly. We confirm this.

5 - Accept Wallet Transfer Transaction Request
Accept Wallet Transfer Transaction Request

Wait for Crypto Payment Confirmation

After confirming the payment via your wallet, we are waiting for blockchain node confirmations. The block confirmation value here can be set dynamically.

6 - Wait Transaction Confirmation by Blockchain
Wait for Transaction Confirmation by Blockchain

Have to See the Payment Completed Message

After the necessary node, i.e. block approval is completed on the blockchain network, you receive a message indicating that the crypto payment has been completed as follows. When you click on this, you see WooCommerce’s order completion page.

7 - Payment Completed
Payment Completed

Also, You Can See Payment Details

Currently, only crypto payment details are available on the WooCommerce order completion page. In the future, we will add integrations where it is possible to add this.

8 - Payment Details
Payment Details


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