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Get an offer Pay Checkout Alternatives for WooCommerce

By BeycanPress / 4 days time ago / Cryptocurrency payments

Hello, in this article we will talk about Pay Checkout Alternatives, including our own product CryptoPay. Since is an exchange, we have also included payment services from two other major exchanges.

We don’t go very in-depth in such lists of alternatives. Because this kind of in-depth information can be easily found on the website of each service. We rather compare the options in the list with each other and make you aware of the alternatives.

In this way, you can choose some alternatives with certain criteria and choose the most suitable one for yourself by doing more in-depth research and test use. Let’s start if you are ready.


CryptoPay - All-in-one Cryptocurrency Payments for WordPress
CryptoPay – All-in-one Cryptocurrency Payments for WordPress

We want to start with our own plugin, CryptoPay. We emphasize it because we believe it deserves it. CryptoPay is not an API-based service like It can be partially integrated into any system by us. However, the usable product for the end user is developed exclusively for the WordPress platform. Checkout plugin is available for WooCommerce. The biggest advantage of such exchange payment systems is that you can pay directly with your exchange account.

However, if you want to accept cryptocurrency payments completely peer-to-peer and commission-free, CryptoPay is your only option. Yes, CryptoPay is the only completely commission-free crypto payment service on the market. Of course, there is an annual license fee, but it is really affordable and cheap.

Also, if your website is WordPress and WooCommerce, CryptoPay will be your best option because it is completely designed specifically for these platforms. For example, in addition to the built-in WooCommerce cryptocurrency payment gateway support, there is crypto payments integration for 16+ WordPress plugins.

You can use the link below to purchase CryptoPay or to review it in more detail.

Coinbase Commerce

Coinbase Commerce Crypto Payments
Coinbase Commerce Crypto Payments

In second place is Coinbase Commerce, an exchange just like, which offers crypto payments as an extra. Coinbase Commerce can be easily integrated into any system thanks to its API and there is also an unofficial plugin on

Coinbase Commerce allows you to accept payments from a limited number of cryptocurrencies (set by them) with a 1% commission rate. With CryptoPay, for example, this is unlimited, you can accept payments from any cryptocurrency you want.

To explore Coinbase Commerce in more detail, you can go to their website or check out other Coinbase Commerce Alternatives by clicking on the link.

Binance Pay

Binance Pay Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway
Binance Pay Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

We continue with Binance’s Binance Pay service, a cryptocurrency exchange like and Coinbase. Binance Pay can be integrated into any system thanks to its open API. There is a plugin they have released officially on However, according to the reviews, it doesn’t seem to be a very good plugin.

Also, as BeycanPress LLC, we have developed a WooCommerce integration for Binance Pay. You can review our Binance Pay for WooCommerce plugin on sale on CodeCanyon by clicking here. It has a dynamic multi-currency option. In the future, we aim to provide sample (US) integration for locations where Binance Global does not serve.

Unlike all the services here, Binance Pay is basically free. This is because Binance Pay is not an external crypto payment service. It works entirely with the centralized Binance exchange. This means that someone needs to have a Binance exchange account to make crypto payments. Payments made here are free of charge up to 75k dollars and only 1 USD commission after that.


Blockonomics Bitcoin Payment Gateway
Blockonomics Bitcoin Payment Gateway

Now that we’re done with exchange crypto payment services, we can take a look at other Pay Checkout Alternatives and we continue with Blockonomics. Unlike the ones listed here, Blockonomics only supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments. So yes, if your goal is to receive cryptocurrency payments on other networks like Ethereum or tokens like USDT, CryptoPay is still your best option :D

Still, Blockonomics is a very popular and well-known company for Bitcoin Payments. They also have an official plugin on They also provide services with a 1% commission rate just like Coinbase Commerce.

If you are curious about Blockonomics Alternatives, you can click on the link.


Triple-A Crypto Payments
Triple-A Crypto Payments

Well, here we are at the end of the list, there is something I noticed in this list. All the products listed here as Pay Checkout Alternatives almost always have limited options, except CryptoPay of course.

What do we mean by limited options? For example, Coinbase Commerce accepts payments with cryptocurrencies of their own choosing. Binance Pay only accepts payments from the Binance exchange. Blockonomics only accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments. Likewise, Triple-A only supports certain popular cryptocurrency options, including USDT, USDC.

CryptoPay, however, supports Bitcoin, Ethereum (and all EVM networks), Solana, Tron and their underlying USDT, USDC or your project’s utility token. So CryptoPay is still your best option.

Anyway, enough about CryptoPay, let’s talk a bit more about Triple-A. They have an officially released plugin on They also have a 1% commission rate, just like almost every crypto service. In addition, not only can you accept crypto payments, but they also have services that provide crypto payouts.

We also prepared an article called Triple-A Alternatives before. You can take a look if you want.


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