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Coinbase Commerce Alternatives Crypto Payments

By BeycanPress / 1 week time ago / Cryptocurrency payments

Hello everyone, we have previously prepared a list of alternatives for many different crypto payment gateway plugins with a basic explanation. However, we couldn’t not prepare a list of Coinbase Commerce Alternatives, one of the leaders of this sector, right?

The company is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the US, founded in 2012. Coinbase Commerce is also an extra service offered by this exchange for crypto payments. Coinbase mainly supports the Ethereum network, but can also support multiple cryptocurrencies through its exchange system.

It has a commission rate of 1% in payment processes, generally in crypto payment services. They have also officially developed a crypto payment gateway only for WooCommerce in the WordPress ecosystem.

Let’s take a look at the plugins on the Coinbase Commerce Alternatives list.


WooCommerce Crypto Payment Gateway
WooCommerce Crypto Payment Gateway

At the top of our list is of course our own product CryptoPay. However, the reason why it is at the top of the list is not because it is our own product. It’s because CryptoPay offers a very transparent and manageable service compared to many other crypto payment gateway services.

For example, one of the biggest features is that while all other services charge a certain amount of commission, CryptoPay is completely commission-free. That’s right, CryptoPay charges 0 commission per transaction. Because CryptoPay is divided into Freemium and Premium.

In Freemium, you can receive payments from 5 predefined Ethereum and EVM-based networks. In Premium, you can receive payments from all EVM-based networks, plus you can receive completely peer-to-peer and commission-free crypto payments from many different networks such as Bitcoin, Solana, and Tron for a license fee of only $89 per year.

CryptoPay supports WooCommerce by default, but since it is a plugin developed entirely for the WordPress ecosystem, there is integration in 16+ WordPress plugins. See all cryptocurrency integrations.


DePay Crypto Payments

2nd place is DePay. Because DePay is our closest competitor as a company. Although the commission rate is 1.5%, it supports peer-to-peer payments with contract-based payments. But of course, this has its disadvantages.

For example, when your customers make a USDT payment through DePay, they first authorize the contract to spend with Approve permission (this is the same on Coinbase). It then confirms the transaction using the payment method in the contract.

This means 2 transactions and transaction fees per payment. For users, this means paying extra blockchain gas fees and a longer checkout time.

This is one of the reasons why CryptoPay is in the first place. Because CryptoPay is one hundred percent peer-to-peer. This means that users pay directly to your wallet.

Also, you can check DePay Alternatives post.


Cryptomus is DePay Alternative
Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Cryptomus is again a product that works very well. In fact, together with Coinbase Commerce, it is a crypto payments service that can be considered an alternative to DePay because they have a very low commission rate of 0.4%.

However, they don’t support peer-to-peer payments, which is one of the biggest and most popular features of crypto. When we look at their site, we see that they have a “withdrawal” section.

Even though the withdrawal is 0% commission, this means that the payments first come to Cryptomus wallets, not directly to your wallet. This means that your funds could be compromised in the event of a Cryptomus hack.

CryptoPay comes first because you receive payments directly.

You can still take a look at Cryptomus Alternatives.


CoinPayments Crypto Payment Gateway
Crypto Payment Gateway

CoinPayments, like Coinbase Commerce, was founded very recently, in 2013. But they don’t seem to pay much attention to their technology and so I think they are still going on as they were founded in 2013.

Even though their commission rate is as low as 0.5%. In order to get this commission, they make a double transfer because “client pays to CoinPayments wallet and CoinPayments wallet transfer to your wallet”. Actually, the commission rate of 0.5% is higher.

Also, assuming that a Bitcoin payment already takes 10-30 minutes on average, this means that a Bitcoin payment with CoinPayments will take between 30-60 minutes on average.

You can still check out our list of CoinPayments Alternatives.


Crypto Payment Gateway

And finally, there are NOWPayments, which I see as a sister to CoinPayments, with commission rates ranging between 0.5% and 1%. In addition, it has been in service since 2018.

Its infrastructure is designed using the same logic as CoinPayments. In other words, they create multiple transactions in order to receive commissions, which in reality means more transaction fees and payment confirmation times.

Nevertheless, it is one of the most popular and used services today. Don’t forget to check out our list of NOWPayments Alternatives.


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