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Blockonomics Alternative Bitcoin Payments for WooCommerce

By BeycanPress / 2 weeks time ago / Cryptocurrency payments

Hello everyone, in this article we will take a look at the most popular and useful Blockonomics Alternative WordPress Plugins. We will not talk about services that accept cryptocurrency payments in general, but only about services with Bitcoin Payments.

Let’s get to the point without much ado and start with CryptoPay Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway, which is completely exclusive to WordPress that our company is developing.

CryptoPay is the Best Blockonomics Alternative

CryptoPay - All-in-one Cryptocurrency Payments for WordPress

CryptoPay is a WooCommerce Bitcoin Payment Gateway developed entirely for WordPress, developed in 2021 to receive crypto payments on the Ethereum network and redesigned in 2023 to become Multi-Chain.

At the time of writing, CryptoPay has support for exactly 4 networks and is integrated with 16 WordPress plugins. These numbers will have increased by the time you read this article.

This network also supports Bitcoin. So with CryptoPay, it is possible to receive Bitcoin Payments completely peer-to-peer and commission-free.

While there is no Lightning Network support, we are working on it and trying to ensure that our customers can receive lightning-fast payments instead of standard Bitcoin Payments. But don’t worry, your customers won’t have to wait long. There is an email reminder and payment confirmation process in the background. This way, your customers can receive an email when the payment is confirmed instead of waiting for a long time on the screen.

Click here to see the plugins that CryptoPay integrates with.

Buy Now CryptoPay:

BitPay – Bitcoin Debit Card

BitPay Alternatives

If we are talking about Bitcoin payments, it would be unfair not to mention BitPay, right? After all, BitPay, one of the oldest in this sector, has been in service since 2011. Not only can you receive Bitcoin payments, but you can also receive payments in Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies.

It is not only a crypto payment gateway. It also serves as a wallet. So you can store your Bitcoins in the BitPay hot wallet. There are also debit card services that you can use depending on your wallet.

You can also click on the link if you want to see other BitPay Alternatives.

OpenNode – Discover Lightning Network

OpenNode Alternatives

Likewise, if our topic is Bitcoin Payments, it would be absolutely impossible not to mention OpenNode. The company, which has been serving since 2018, also supports Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments. This means that payment transactions that are normally approved between 10-30 minutes will be approved in less than 1 minute at lightning speed.

This is a very important consideration for your customers. If your goal is to receive crypto payments in general, we recommend our own product CryptoPay. However, if your goal is to accept Bitcoin payments only, then OpenNode is a better choice.

Speed – Discover Lightning Network

Speed Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments

I think Speed is one of the newest companies on this list. I remembered that it was only focused on payments when it first came out, but when I checked their website while preparing this article, I saw Speed Wallet. But now they offer both payments and wallet-oriented services like BitPay.

One of the reasons why Speed is on this list is that it supports Lightning Network payments, just like OpenNode. Therefore, payments are approved very quickly and your customers don’t have to wait long.

BTCPay Server – Open Source Blockonomics Alternative

BTCPay Server Bitcoin Payments

I think the only one on this list that is not a private company is BTCPay Server. So all the other products on the list are all owned and managed by a company. But BTCPay Server is a completely open-source Bitcoin payment service

That’s one of the only reasons it’s on this list. Access the BTCPay Server Github repository using the following link


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